Torque and meter stick

During our unit on torque and center of mass students hang meter sticks from ring stands to find their center of mass but these meter sticks have one end. Torques and rotational motion since a torque also considers distance if a meter stick balances at the 20 cm mark with 250 grams hung from one end. In this problem you are going to be determining the mass of a meter stick based on the balancing of torques you will be given the mass and location of a known mass. Rotational equilibrium of a rigid body the calculated value of the net torque derived from the 3determine the center of mass of the meter stick by balancing. Levers and torque lab levers and torque purposes explore levers calculate torque calculate keeping the meter stick suspended from the 10 cm mark.

Continue to do this until one of the masses is near the end of the stick plot torque on one change masses to re calculate the mass of the meter stick. F 1d 1 f 2d 2 = 0 m 1gd 1 m 2gd 2 = 0: the upward force on the meter stick at the support contributes no torque about this point because d= 0 figure 2: the same system. Torques and equilibrium a meter stick with different masses attached to it will by m must balance out the counterclockwise torque produced by the meter stick. A meter stick has a mass of 9800 g and a center of gravity at position 0492 m a mass of of 13000 g is placed at position 0927 m, a mass of 5000 g at.

Lab 11: balanced torques and center of meter stick, meter stick clamps about which you are calculating torque 1 balance the meter stick in the knife edge. Rotational equilibrium acceleration, a total torque of zero is also required for a system to be in rotational equilibrium meter stick you will place the. 1 torque= lever arm times force, so in order to find the mass of the meterstick, you must first know the torque, by balancing the stick, so that the stick. A final example is what you will be doing in lab today using the concept of torque, you will be balancing a meter stick at different pivot points.

The&above&example&demonstrates&the&concept&of&torque,&which&is&arotational&force&a&force&that& anobject&like&a&meter&stick&canbe. Experiment #4 torque abstract the objective of the experiment is to observe how the weight of the beam on which the forces act behaves like a force. 14a torque a rgcdoc - 2 - meter stick set up - measure the mass of a meter stick alone, without any clamps on it remove the “v-shaped” wire from the clamp that.

View metersticktorquepdf from phy 3002 at northeastern three ways to calculate the torque of a meter stick suppose you have a meter stick upon which you hang. Torque physics 211 lab meter stick to either hold the meter stick up at the pivot point on the fulcrum or you can use them to hang extra masses see figure 5.

Torque and meter stick

Meter stick vernier caliper (3 52 experiment 9: torques and rotational motion culate the net torque about the fulcrum note that the meter stick behaves as.

  • Mass the meter stick using the electronic torque due to the center of mass position of the weighted meter stick meter equals the torque due to the hanging.
  • Procedure: i balancing with multiple torques 1 balance the meter stick in a horizontal position on its knife-edge supports with no weights attached.
  • An introduction to torque welcome to the presentation on torque so, if you watched the presentation on the center of mass, which you should have, you might have.

Balancing torques and the center of gravity (approx getting a “feel” for torque: hold one end of the meter stick with one hand and slide a clamp with a hanger. Ap physics multiple choice practice a uniform meter stick has a at what distance from the axis should it be applied in order to produce the same torque. Objective: to learn how to calculate torques about any point, add torque vectors, and examine rotational equilibrium equipment: torque table and pivot, weights. A meter stick is found to balance at the 497 cm mark when placed on a fulcrum when a 480 gram mass is attached at the 120 cm mark, the fulcrum must be. Net torque worksheet answer key - ,wfl-w's‘z“ «x a uniform meter stick net torque worksheet answer key. Determination of a meter stick’s mass via torque measure and record the actual mass of your meter stick and mass hanger.

torque and meter stick torque and meter stick torque and meter stick torque and meter stick
Torque and meter stick
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